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          Public Record Center



          Conduct free public record searches: Search billions of records through tens of thousands of government and public links. Our links are updated hourly by our staff of professional public record researchers saving visitors to our site time and frustration of broken links. Easy to use self explanatory site will link you directly to the public record you are seeking nationwide or by state. Conduct a full comprehensive background check that includes civil court filings, criminal records, SSN verification. About Public Records

          Nationwide Free Public Records

          • Adoptions
            Find open or public adoption records and archives.
          • Area Codes
            Find area codes by city or state.
          • Asset Search
            Verify personal assets or business holdings by locating public documents.
          • Automobile/Aviation
            Lookup car or aircraft history, find title info. Verify a pilot's certification or good standing.
          • Background Check Help
            Background check help and frequently asked questions.
          • Background Check Portal
            How to conduct a background check of individuals, employees, or tenants.
          • Bank and ATM Search
            Nationwide bank and ATM locator. Search for banks around the world.
          • Bankruptcy Search
            Lookup bankruptcy filings.
          • Birthday Search
            Find birth dates of individuals by name.
          • Business Related
            Find BBB reliability reports on individual companies. Search business profiles, more.
          • Colleges Education Schools
            Search public and private educational institutions. Applications, scholarships and more.
          • Copyright Trademark
            Copyright info. Trademark applications, patent registrations.
          • County and City Information
            Lookup county and city demographics and more.
          • Court Records
            Find criminal, divorces, civil, bankruptcy, probate other recorded documents from state courts.
          • Court Records Federal
            Locate federal district courts, US Court of Appeals, or Supreme Court rulings and decisions.
          • Credit Reports & ID Watch
            Learn how to obtain your free credit report, and protect yourself from fraud.
          • City Public Records
            Search for public records inU.S. cities
          • Criminal Public Records
            Locate court records as part of a criminal history search. Expungements.
          • Death Records
            Search the Social Security Death Index Database.
          • DMV Records
            Locate driving records, register a vehicle, pay tickets online and more.
          • Directories Associations
            Find registered or licensed professionals, specialists, non profit organizations.
          • Email Spam Laws By State
            FTC laws, enforcement actions, and solutions to reduce spamming.
          • Encyclopedias Dictionary
            Access free online reference tools and other helpful resources.
          • Fraud Resources
            Identity theft, and fraud prevention from government resources.
          • Genealogy Search
            Powerful free online tools to conduct a thorough family history search.
          • Government
            Local or federal government agency web sites. Contact info for elected officials.
          • Inmate Search
            Lookup inmate by name, find incarceration location, release date.
          • IP Check
            Internet number address search.
          • Judgments And Liens
            Search court records for filings.
          • Law Research
            Free legal resources for individuals or businesses.
          • Lawyers
            Verify license status, check for disciplinary action.
          • Library Index
            Research assistance, helpful online library catalogues and resources.
          • Maps
            Search online maps for directions, reference and more.
          • Military Records
            Search for military personnel by branch, request records, access military archives.
          • Missing Children
            Info about missing and exploited children. Amber Alerts. Parental resources.
          • Most Wanted
            View postings of the FBI, DEA, and other governmental agencies most wanted.
          • Phone / E-Mail Finder
            Find phone numbers, reverse address lookup, email search, international directories.
          • Police Search and Records
            Law enforcement contact info for local police or sheriff departments.
          • Post Office
            Lookup post office locations, find zip codes by city or towns.
          • Privacy Protection
            Federal and state privacy protection rights.
          • Property
            Lookup property records, find foreclosure listings, govt assistance programs, locate a broker.
          • Recalls
            Consumer warnings, advisements, product recalls. File a complaint.
          • Sex Offenders
            Nationwide offender search, convicted perps by state.
          • US Census
            Find statistics and quickfacts on a community.
          • Vital Records
            Request vital records from authorized government agency.

          State, County And City Public Records

          • Alabama
          • Alaska
          • Arizona
          • Arkansas
          • California
          • Colorado
          • Connecticut
          • Delaware
          • District of Columbia
          • Florida
          • Georgia
          • Hawaii
          • Idaho
          • Illinois
          • Indiana
          • Iowa
          • Kansas
          • Kentucky
          • Louisiana
          • Maine
          • Maryland
          • Massachusetts
          • Michigan
          • Minnesota
          • Mississippi
          • Missouri
          • Montana
          • Nebraska
          • Nevada
          • New Hampshire
          • New Jersey
          • New Mexico
          • New York
          • North Carolina
          • North Dakota
          • Ohio
          • Oklahoma
          • Oregon
          • Pennsylvania
          • Puerto Rico
          • Rhode Island
          • South Carolina
          • South Dakota
          • Tennessee
          • Texas
          • Utah
          • Vermont
          • Virginia
          • Washington
          • West Virginia
          • Wisconsin
          • Wyoming

          Top Public Record Searches

          • City Public Records
            Search for public records in U.S. cities
          • Background Check Portal
            Conduct online background checks.
          • Privacy Protection
            Federal and state privacy protection rights.
          • Criminal Expungements
            Resources to erase your criminal record.
          • DMV Records
            Find DMV records by state.
          • Sex Offenders
            Search the national sex offender registry.
          • Inmate Search
            Free resource for locating federal inmates.
          • Court Records
            Access state court records online.
          • Most Wanted
            Government agencies' top wanted fugitives.
          • Military Records
            Request military personnel records and more.
          • Birthday Search
            Search the public record database for a birthdate.
          • Asset Search
            Locate individual or business assets by state.
          • International Public Records
            Search public record resources by country.
          • Canada Public Records
            Search Canadian public records by province.

          PublicRecordCenter.com is among the most complete and comprehensive site on the internet with access to thousands of free public records to assist you with the information you are seeking right from your computer. Updated frequently and free databases are added regularly which allows you the latest links to public information available on the internet.

          PublicRecordCenter.com is easy and simple to use with success even for a beginner. With invaluable links which provide resources to obtain and uncover information from pages of links to billions of records.

          PublicRecordCenter.com also contains pre-employment background check links and resources that can help you see what some employers may be obtaining and considering prior to hiring. This search site connects you directly to sources and free public record databases nationwide to the information you are looking for under individuals or businesses.

          We also provide links and information such as sex offender databases, criminal records, property records, civil judgments, liens, civil filings, professional licenses, person locators and much more. Links are listed by state and county or by type of record. There is no membership fee to use our site.

          Include PublicRecordCenter.com in your favorites, you can visit our site at no cost as often as you need.